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Auction July 2015


On Tuesday July 07, 2015, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) of the Dominican Republic, through the Public Debt Office (PDO), conducted its fourth Monthly Auction for the year. In this occasion, the MH1-2024 was offered for the amount of RD$3,000 million.

Commercial banks, savings and loans associations, pension funds administrators and brokerage firms, for their own accounts and on behalf of their clients, demanded a total amount of RD$20,417.1 million of the MH1-2024 bond (US$454.9 million at the exchange rate RD$/US$44.8806). 

The total allocated amount was as offered RD$3,000.0 million (US$66.8 million). Additionally, the awarded interest rate of the auction was 10.1375%.

According to the Market Makers Program Regulation, the PDO called for a second round of non-competitive-auction on Wednesday July 08, 2015, for the Market Makers with positions allocated in the first round. In this occasion, MH1-2024 bonds were offered for an amount of RD$4,000.0 million (US$89.1 million); the bonds were offered with an interest rate of 10.1375%. The participants demanded the total amount offered for the bond in the non-competitive-auction. 

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